Catwalk Archimedes Match 91 Cheesy Poofs climb
2013 FIRST Robotics Championship Event in St. Louis Missouri. Ultimate Ascent. Match 91 Video from the Catwalk above the field. Finally catching the Cheesy Poof pyramid climb. Not 7 seconds, but still impressive. They won the match by 20 points, 172 - 152.
Platform Power: Team 254 VEX Game Design Animation
This is Team 254's submission for the 2013 VEX Game Design Online Challenge.
2013 FIRST Game Animation - Ultimate Ascent
Animation describing the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition game, Ultimate Ascent. Robots shoot standard Frisbee discs into goals at the far end of the field to score. At the end of the match, they climb "jungle-gym"-like pyramids to earn bonus points. This animation was first shown at the 2013 season FRC kick-off broadcast in January, 2013. Final production version. All comments should embody values of Gracious Professionalism® and will be moderated. Thank you for helping to keep the conversation civil and productive.
Overkill Teaser
Five Frisbee Autonomous