Shockwave T-Shirt Cannon at 2011 Bellarmine Spirit Rally
For the Bellarmine Spirit Rally this year, we dressed a dummy in our rivals shirt and shot him down. He was made of one inch thick foam insulation and was 6 feet tall. The racquetball shot straight through without any difficulties.
Team 254 Kinect Hybrid at the FRC World Championship
A brief look at The Cheesy Poofs' innovative Kinect Hybrid mode at the 2012 FRC World Championship in St. Louis.
2012 Team 254 Safety Animation: Poof Spice
This is our 20112 Safety Animation. We call it: "Poof Spice"
FRC 0254 The Cheesy Poofs Autodesk Award 2012
FRC Rebound Rumble World High Score - 128 (341-254-78, Curie SF 1-2)
The 341-254-78 alliance set the worldwide high score for Rebound Rumble at the FRC World Championships in St. Louis! Final score: 128 - 78
Chap 18 - Game
A complete walkthrough of Rebound Rumble presented by Dave Lavery and Havabanana Productions.
Team 254 2012 Chairman's Award Video