Onslaught Animation
Animation of Team 254's 2010 Robot, "Onslaught". This animation was shown in the team's pit at the 2010 Las Vegas Regional and FIRST Championship. For more information, visit team254.com
Wiggles Takes the Big Screen
Wiggles Takes to the Big Screen at the 2010 Las Vegas Regional.
2010 Team 254 Animation
Team 254's 2010 entry into the Autodesk Visualization Award. The audio may be on the fritz, sorry about that.
Clean Sweep Game Animation - VRC 2009-2010 (updated)
To register a team visit: http://robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition For more information visit: http://www.vexrobotics.com/vex-clean-sweep.shtml
2010 FIRST Game Animation - Breakaway
Animation describing the 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition game, Breakaway. Robots play soccer on a "bumpy" field, and hang on towers for extra bonus points. This animation was first shown during the 2010 FRC season kick-off broadcast in January, 2010. Draft audio before Blair Hundertmark did the final voice-over.