2007 KTVU News - Silicon Valley Regional
2007 KTVU News - Silicon Valley Regional Teams featured: 115 (MVRT) 1868 (Space Cookies) 254 (Bellarmine - Cheesy Poofs) For more information about the Monta Vista Robotics Team, visit http://mvrt.com/
2007 Team 254 Animation
Animation for FIRST Robotics Competition
2007 FIRST Game Animation - Rack'n'Roll
Animation describing the 2007 FIRST Robotics Competition game, Rack 'N' Roll. Robots place inflated "ringers" (plastic inner tubes) on a large central "rack" structure to form rows and columns. This animation was first shown during the 2007 FRC season kick-off broadcast in January, 2007. Draft audio before Blair Hundertmark did the final voice-over.